Please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room if:
    You have a life threatening emergency    or
    You have a history of heart disease or have had a prior heart attack and are experiencing chest pains

Christian Hospital         11133 Dunn Rd                             (314) 653-5000                     
                                          1225 Graham Rd                          (314) 953-6000
BJC                                  400 South Kingshighway            (314) 362-9123
St. Alexian                        3933 South Broadway                 (314) 865-7000
SSM Saint Marys            6420 Clayton Road                      (314) 768-8000
​Saint Anthony's              10010 Kennerly Road                  (314) 525-1000
2686 N. Highway 67
Florissant, MO 63033
(314) 921 7300

8 am to 8 pm - EVERY DAY 

5701 Chippewa Street​ 
St Louis, MO 63109​
(314) 932 5690​

8 am to 8 pm - EVERY DAY

Serving St. Louis Since 2008

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Thanks for choosing Fast Track Urgent Care

Fast Track Urgent Care provides prompt non-life threatening ambulatory services for acute illness and injuries that are either beyond the scope and/or availability of retail clinics and  typical primary care offices.  Our doctors and staff will make sure you receive appropriate medical treatment in a pleasant manner.

On site, we have a digital x-ray system and a basic laboratory.  We are open every day during normal and after hours.  We make it easy for you to see the doctor, just walk in. 

Our medical providers include friendly emergency room and family practice doctors.

As a private practice, we are not passing hospital administrative costs to you the patient. That means lower co-pays, lower deductibles, and extremely reasonable rates for uninsured patients.

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8 am to 8 pm - EVERY DAY
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